The advantages of private label

High margin

The cost of production and development of a private brand is significantly lower than buying a name. This is especially true for those companies that do very well marketing. Supermarkets use private labels to generate high profits, which negates the minimum profits of leading global brands with high acquisition costs.


Your private label distinguishes you from other similar products. As for vegetable oils, the label can speak of the invisible: vegan, kosher, organic etc. You have the absolute right to the recommended retail price (RRP).

Customer loyalty

Creating a regular customer base is the key to business success in the long term. Private label branding is one of the ways to win the loyalty of people who like your cooking oil. This is especially true for high-end products like organic vegetable oil.

Huge market

The food market is a very competitive and very profitable business. Potentially, we have 7 billion customers worldwide. it makes sense to start working with cooking oil under your own brand.

Sunflower is the gold of the lands of Sweden !

With his head high , he always faces the sun .

The fields of sunflower delight residents of Sweden and its guests with their stunning scenery .

But as soon as he turned his head to the ground, it was time to benefit mankind : to harvest , the most valuable – sunflower seeds .

Sunflower oil represents the highest value for humanity .

From seeds to bottling sunflower oil in bottles. The whole process takes place in modern equipment . Advanced technologies help preserve the natural vitamins A, D, E.